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“ Nice story.

It is, however, straight from the Atlantic bubble. There's not much chance the couple in question won't live a very comfortable life and that their daughter won't have every advantage.

Be interesting to survey a working class couple from Fayetteville, AR where one of the spouses was just laid off from Sears. I don't think the biggest problem would be polite disdain from the yoga pants set. ”

JohnJMac THE ATLANTIC2015-01-08T13:49:00.000Z

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“ But their level of comfort and advantage and privilege is not the topic of the article. It's about gender roles, and I think he acknowledged them very well.

I would however really like this to be a series, and perhaps have accompanying authors write about their own experiences from around the nation. I think it would be really interesting to see differences in geographic location, ages, and job brackets approach the same topic. ”

Nimisha THE ATLANTIC2015-01-08T16:39:00.000Z

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“ When both our kids were born, my wife took her 12 weeks of FMLA leave first, then I took my 12 weeks, so that our kids were 24 weeks old before going into daycare. But we both make good pay; this arrangement would be impossible for a whole lot of families who struggle to pay the bills.

Seems to me that any politician who truly believes in "family values" should support paid family leave for both parents. ”

clubchampion THE ATLANTIC2015-01-08T16:03:00.000Z

THE ATLANTIC2015-06-21T23:44:39.000Z

A young lawyer puts his former boss’s ideals into practice.

This past summer, on the last day of my clerkship with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, she rose from her cavernous desk and, following a hearty goodbye hug, asked me what was next. I told her that the next morning marked the start of my new job as a stay-at-home dad. She smiled warmly and wished me luck.



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“ Was it here or in National Geographic that I read the story of a guy in India who spend years figuring out how to make cheap sanitary pads for poor women? His wife divorced him and his mother disowned him for delving into something they thought he shouldn't be delving into. Guy had only a couple of years education but he wound up designing the simple machines, sourcing the materials and finally teaching some native women how to make and sell them. He made several million dollars and provided a decent product to people who could never afford them before. ”

Vern Wells NPR2015-06-16T23:28:00.000Z

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“ If my experience is like others', growing up around women who kept this completely natural biological process almost totally hidden, then it's no wonder. There's entirely too much unnecessary cultural shame about what essentially is responsible for all of us being here, and bless these people for doing something about it. ”

DFrankG NPR2015-06-16T23:42:00.000Z

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“ What I'm about to say might come across as know-it-all-ish, but this is exactly why we need women in organizational roles for developing countries. Reproductive health and menstrual hygiene just aren't on men's radars, and poorer women suffer for that. ”

MeghanJill NPR2015-06-17T02:28:00.000Z


When Elynn Walter walks into a room of officials from global health organizations and governments, this is how she likes to get their attention:

"I'll say, 'OK, everyone stand up and yell the word blood!' or say, 'Half of the people in the world have their period!' "

It's her way of getting people talking about a topic that a lot of people, well, aren't comfortable talking about: menstrual hygiene.



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“ Famous atheists say they are contacted frequently by priests, pastors, rabbis, etc who have discovered ... that they are atheists.

Obviously, none of them came to this without years of serious thought. Many pay a dear price for this integrity. They lose careers, incomes, retirement plans over it. But they also lose friends and family. Social support.

Genuine love of truth brought them into religion and eventually back out. And these are only the brave ones. The others ...

I despise the cleric who knowingly pushes a false faith on the naive.  ”

Curious Fella NPR2014-12-27T23:43:00.000Z

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“ You do understand, perhaps, that others are guided by the same process of "years of serious thought" to discover they are not atheists?

Despite NPR's lopsided reporting, that door swings both ways. Those with faith also have, as you term it, integrity; it is not reserved solely for atheists. ”

Class A NPR2014-12-28T00:26:00.000Z

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“ But of course! It's the law of large numbers. A handful of people win lotteries every week, too. The data show, though, which way the numbers are moving. If you hear of someone moving from one category to another, the better bet is away from religion, not toward it. I'd like to think of it as a consequence of the information age; the questions that used to be answered only by religion have other answers now. ”

digital cuttlefish NPR2014-12-28T01:10:00.000Z


As 2014 draws to a close, NPR's Weekends on All Things Considered is checking back on some of the most compelling stories of the year. Here's an excerpt from our interview with Bell in January:

On experiencing doubt

When things start to come unwound, sometimes they unwind all the way. And then, you know, perhaps you can wind it up a little bit again later — who knows? But I feel like I lost my church leadership position and then I really didn't have any compulsion to go to church internally ...

So I just decided not to fight it. I just decided to say, "Well, let me just give church a rest." And as I did that, I just began to wonder about the very existence of God.



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“ Well, it didn't take long for Republicans to spin the issue by crying about losing "internet freedom." Sadly, some people will fall for this. The only "freedom" internet regulation would take away is the freedom of ISPs to offer increasingly crappy speeds and hold subscribers and website owners hostage to pay-to-play rules while they hike the rates on everyone. Unbelievable. ”

J C NPR2015-02-26T17:52:00.000Z

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“ Cue the corporate shills trying to argue that keeping the Internet the way it has always been will "stifle innovation". ”

Bob Potter NPR2015-02-26T18:24:00.000Z

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“ Only the innovation associated with squeezing every last dime out of middle class. ”

Jeremiah Bayles NPR2015-02-26T19:13:00.000Z


The Federal Communications Commission approved the policy known as net neutrality by a 3-2 vote at its Thursday meeting, with FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler saying the policy will ensure "that no one — whether government or corporate — should control free open access to the Internet."

The Open Internet Order helps to decide an essential question about how the Internet works, requiring service providers to be a neutral gateway instead of handling different types of Internet traffic in different ways — and at different costs.

"Today is a red-letter day," Wheeler said Thursday.



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“ These are not the monoliths you are looking for... ”

ExtremeMiddle NPR2015-02-26T16:11:00.000Z

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“ Ceres-ly? ”

Lone Voice NPR2015-02-26T16:03:00.000Z

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“ It's the outdoor stadium lights for the World Ceres. ”

Kent Merritt NPR2015-02-26T17:38:00.000Z


Scientists are puzzled by a new image taken by NASA's Dawn spacecraft, which found two bright spots on the dwarf planet Ceres. The spots are noticeably brighter than other parts of the surface, which looks to be rocky and pockmarked.

Ceres lies in an asteroid belt between the paths of Mars and Jupiter. A white area was previously seen in 2004, in an image taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. But new images show there are actually two spots, and scientists do not know what's causing them.



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“ "A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in" -Greek Proverb ”

Willis Fitinurbut NPR2015-06-18T02:07:00.000Z

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“ Thank you Mr. Davis! ”

tamie martinsen NPR2015-06-17T22:00:00.000Z

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“ Good man. ”

J. Kay NPR2015-06-17T22:00:00.000Z


You might think you know what frogs sound like — until, that is, you hear the symphony of amphibians that fills the muggy night air at Nokuse Plantation, a nature preserve in the Florida Panhandle.

There, about 100 miles east of Pensacola, a man named M.C. Davis has done something extraordinary: He has bought up tens of thousands of acres in the Florida sandhills and turned them into a unique, private preserve.

In the largest block of privately owned conservation land in the southeastern U.S., Davis is restoring ecosystems that agriculture and timbering have destroyed.

"I'm a self-proclaimed, devout conservationist," Davis says. "I've been dedicated now for about 20 years."



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“ Why are you so bitter? The article made me smile. It's obviously not serious world news, but that's not what it's intended for. There's no reason to be a dick. ”

Bobby S THE ATLANTIC2014-01-04T17:50:00.000Z

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“ Thank goodness you put the red line through the location name, so that nobody will be able to tell it's the Barrie, Ontario location (from where Chip Zdarsky hails). ;) ”

Wiless THE ATLANTIC2014-01-04T05:28:00.000Z

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“ If that's a bot, then the turing test has been passed. ”

SmilodonsRetreat THE ATLANTIC2014-01-04T21:15:00.000Z

THE ATLANTIC2015-05-18T05:25:28.000Z

"They never disappointed me. I love them."

Chip Zdarsky is a comic book artist and journalist. He is also a devoted pen pal ... of an Applebee's. For the past several months, Zdarsky has taken to Facebook to befriend one of the fast-casual chain's Canadian franchises. And the franchise has, fortunately, returned his overtures. The results of the unlikely duo's interaction—you can read the whole thing at Buzzfeed—are hilarious and delightful and wonderfully weird. And maybe, in their way, literary. The Chip/Applebee's exchanges, played out on Applebee's Facebook page, are like Waiting for Godot ... if God were an Applebee's. They're like Her ... if ScarJo were a riblet.



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“ Could you point out where this video is you speak of? ”

MOJOinFL THE ATLANTIC2015-06-10T00:57:00.000Z


“ You are sick. ”


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“ Why? ”

BuckRogers THE ATLANTIC2015-06-08T12:51:00.000Z

THE ATLANTIC2015-06-10T04:24:12.000Z

Backyard pools and private clubs only proliferated after municipal pools were forcibly desegregated.

On Friday, a large group of teens gathered for a pool party in the city of McKinney, Texas. Shortly thereafter, someone called the police. And by Sunday night, as footage of the police response spread across the internet, the McKinney Police Department announced it was placing Eric Casebolt, the patrol supervisor shown in the video, on administrative leave.



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“ Very interesting. As a foster parent, I am obsessed with the science of bonding and how to give my foster son the advantage of attachment that he was not given from his birth mother. ”

Nicole THE ATLANTIC2015-01-08T14:15:00.000Z

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“ "Men don't spend a lot of time telling women how to be women"? Really! Notice how all of advertising argues against that concept. Mostly created by men. Also all religious strictures on how women should behave. Proscribed by men. History until about 50 years ago was the almost total domination and subjugation of women by men i.e. telling/forcing women how to be. Plus you need to recognize a joke when you read one. ”

danainnyc THE ATLANTIC2015-01-08T23:46:00.000Z

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“ We need more people like you. ”

Erik Vanderhoff THE ATLANTIC2015-01-08T16:45:00.000Z

THE ATLANTIC2015-01-17T20:13:56.000Z

Because a lot of things do change, of course, but for new mothers, some of the starkest differences are also the most intimate ones—the emotional changes. Which, it turns out, are also largely neurological.



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“ Props to Tampa Airport and Tony D'Aiuto--you just went a long way towards restoring my faith in mankind. (It doesn't take much for me.) ”

LindaWagner NPR2015-06-17T15:47:00.000Z

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“ Now THIS was a GREAT STORY! :) ”

Mr Natural NPR2015-06-17T15:58:00.000Z

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“ Faith in humanity restored! ”

matt dellavajordan NPR2015-06-17T15:41:00.000Z


If a boy named Owen suspects his stuffed tiger named Hobbes has a secret life, the staff of Tampa International Airport won't disagree. Owen recently lost Hobbes at the airport — and when he reclaimed the tiger, he also received photos of Hobbes touring the facility.

Owen, 6, had flown from Florida to Texas. His mother, Amanda Lake, says that for much of the trip, Owen was preoccupied with whether his tiger was OK.

"Hobbes is one of a kind. He was made by hand by his aunt who lives in Houston," Lake tells the Tampa Bay Times.



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“ No, the public schools are bad because no responsible parent wants to send their children to a school full of badly behaved children whose parents don't care enough to send them to private school.

Public schools are a dumping ground for the underachieving children of uninvolved parents. ”

FK44 THE ATLANTIC2015-06-09T14:27:00.000Z


“ Shhhh... You're wrecking the 'narrative'. ”


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“ Handed down from The Cathedral ”

quist THE ATLANTIC2015-06-09T13:37:00.000Z

THE ATLANTIC2015-06-10T04:24:03.000Z

The McKinney I grew up in was a conservative southern town. After this weekend’s events, I wonder, can its culture keep up with its growth?

When I was in high school in McKinney, Texas, I won a “student of the month” award along with several other students. I went to a public high school, but the award was overseen by the local Rotary Club. The award ceremony was a typical luncheon: baked chicken, big round tables with the boys and girls of the month fidgeting and hoping their parents wouldn't say anything embarrassing.



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“ I find this concerning on two levels: 1. The animals are treated as machines, equipment, it's further example of what is wrong with factory farming. 2. Dairy is not healthy for consumption despite what we have all been taught- take just a few minutes and research this.

Its time we all take more responsibility for what we eat and where it comes from. Mistreatment of animals needs to stop and we need to be more aware of how we eat.

Cow's milk is for baby cows. ”

lendogss NPR2014-12-25T11:32:00.000Z

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“ Mooooove over old milk there's a new milk in town." She uddered ”

L Dub NPR2014-12-25T09:18:00.000Z

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“ Nomadic human tribes all over the world thrive on their herd's milk as their primary dietary ingredient. Some day you will come down off that bad acid trip.

Hopefully by then you will have learned what a farm animal is. We wonder what sort of school you attended to fail learning about that. ”

Jim Gordon NPR2014-12-25T17:13:00.000Z


Cows rotate in the milking parlor at Fair Oaks Farms, a large-scale dairy and tourist attraction, near Rensselaer, Ind.

Coca-Cola got a lot of attention in November when it announced that it was going into the milk business. Not just any milk, mind you: nutritious, reformulated supermilk.

It also invited ridicule. "It's like they got Frankenstein to lactate," scoffed Stephen Colbert on his show. "If this product doesn't work out, they can always re-introduce Milk Classic."

Fairlife milk, shown here on sale in Minneapolis, Minn., in April, is a partnership between Coca-Cola and Select Milk Producers, a dairy cooperative that owns Fair Oaks Farms.



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“ The fact that they're still pretending that this is about the safety of the women is just laughable. If that were truly the case, the same restrictions would apply to all kinds of medical clinics that perform minor surgery etc (vasectomies anyone?). Effectively calling out abortion clinics shows what the real intent of this legislation is. ”

Iron Giant NPR2015-06-09T20:11:00.000Z

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“ Has Texas passed laws mandating more in-depth sex education, particularly on avoiding unwanted pregnancy? Free or cheaply available contraceptives? Improved child services, such as foster care? Financial aid and free healthcare to mothers with unwanted pregnancies who will bring the child to term and then give it up?

Or are they still doing only the "we're going to beat this dead horse while we pretend nothing killed it" strategy? ”

Tukaro NPR2015-06-09T19:08:00.000Z

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“ Average? No. Those most likely to have a hardship raising an unplanned kid? Often. Hormones don't contain themselves because money is tight; $5 can buy a few days of food. Teens can feel embarrassed buying them because our puritanical society says "sex == bad", and most aren't going to say "Wait we need to find a store that is open at 1 AM for condoms" in the heat of the moment.

But, even if neither of that was the case, I would still have no problem paying for contraception for others. No matter how you want to slice it, if someone who cannot financially support a kid winds up having one we pay for it in some way. The obvious way is welfare, but even if there wasn't welfare, we'd still be paying for the hospital bill from the delivery since the mother wouldn't be able to. Even if we didn't do that, someone born and raised in poverty is far more likely to be a criminal later in life, so we pay for the damage done, incarceration, or both.

And even if money was never an issue, I would still have no problem paying for contraception for others. More kids, planned or unplanned, means more resources used, which makes resources that are already limited that much more scarce and expensive. They require more land for housing and food, so there's an extra environmental impact. ”

Tukaro NPR2015-06-09T20:07:00.000Z


NPR's Jennifer Ludden reports:

"The appeals court says most of a 2013 Texas law can now take effect. It requires doctors who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of a clinic. And it requires such clinics to meet the standards of an ambulatory surgical center.

"Abortion rights groups had argued neither measure was necessary to safeguard women's health. The decision is different from what the court ruled in a similar case in Mississippi, which said women should be able to get an abortion in the state where they live.



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“ "It shows that we're still not ready to have an adult, clear-eyed conversation about the Iraq War. The wounds are still fresh. It's still heavily politicized." Politicized? It was a totally unnecessary and manufactured war. Absolutely nothing political about it. ”

L Barrett NPR2015-01-23T21:33:00.000Z

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“ Nothing like glorifying our violent tendencies.

I find it strange that the soldier explains that 'we are not aware of the difficulties they face when they return'?? Many of us knew what tragedies awaited them before they invaded in 2003. We also knew many more innocent Iraqis would die. I protested the war, and still do, while most of these fake Freedom Fighters that support the Iraq wars (1 and 2) are to blame for the disasters. Total immoral disasters. ”

chateau margaux NPR2015-01-23T21:59:00.000Z

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“ Right and left lose meaning when you set up the false dichotomy of "right=bad, left=good", which is what you do constantly. A quick survey of your comments on this post show 50% of your comments are focused on setting up an idealized right-left dichotomy without any room for nuance or argument while another 20% are focused on condescending to and belittling other posters. I am tired of your diatribe. Politics cannot be divided into right-left or good-bad. That is simplistic and causes more issues than it solves. At its base right-left is about conservative-progressive opposition, NOT authoritarian-democratic opposition. Right-left comes from the conservative-progressive struggles. Interestingly, the right was originally against division and thought that assembly men should be loyal to supporters and ideals, not political parties. My point is calling everything "right-left" isn't helpful and the way you use it just insulates you from having real conversation and debate. Not very progressive of you. ”

Alex Hissong NPR2015-01-23T22:43:00.000Z


The movie American Sniper is a surprise box-office hit, but it has also become a lightning rod. Some critics say the film, based on the life of the late Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, glorifies war. Others say it doesn't accurately portray the real Kyle. Still others say the movie — and the reactions to it — are an example of the deep disconnect between civilians and the military.

The vitriol has been ugly, the story complicated. There is no one truth. But when it comes to war, the most credible sources are often people who've experienced it firsthand.



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“ "Captain, captain! The water is rising in the bilge!" "Nonsense! I insist we defund looking in the bilge."

"Sir, the smoke alarms are going off everywhere!" "Obviously, we need to stop buying batteries for the smoke alarms. How am I supposed to get any sleep?"

"Sir! The ship we are all on is about to founder! We can see the water at the ports." "Quiet! This is my ship, and I don't pay you to be looking out the ports. Now get back to work! We've a schedule to keep and we're going to keep it! None of our competitors are slowing down, and even if they did, that'd just mean more for me. (maniacal laugh)

"Blub, blub, gurgle, gasp!" "Speak up! You're making no sense at all. And why are we slowing down?!!!" ”

Russell Grunloh NPR2015-05-12T15:12:00.000Z

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“ So the point here for the Climate Deniers is simple. It's you vs NASA. Yes, that NASA. Explain why your take on climate science beats their five decades of work on the subject. Is NASA lying? If they lie about climate science what else are they lying about? If they are getting it so horribly wrong how have they managed to get so many other things insanely right? Explain why we should listen to you about our collective fate and ignore America's premier institution for science and technology. ”

Adam Frank NPR2015-05-12T13:03:00.000Z

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“ Hobbes: Aren't you supposed to be doing your homework? Calvin: I'm pretty sure the assignment was optional. Hobbes: Denial springs eternal. Calvin: It's not denial. I'm just very selective about the reality I accept. ”

Mark I NPR2015-05-12T19:14:00.000Z


Quick: List the first four words that pop into your mind when you hear NASA.

If you are like most folks, you hit some mix of astronauts, moon landings, space telescopes and Mars probes. Those are pretty positive images representing accomplishments we can all feel proud about.

Astronauts are, after all, great American heroes. And space telescopes are reminders of just how smart — and insanely capable — Americans can be. Put it all together and you can see why NASA does superhero stuff in the eyes of most people.

It's also stuff that's universally recognized to be the kind where you absolutely, positively can't afford to be wrong. And that is why NASA is a real problem for climate denialism.



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“ What a wonderful article to get us thinking in new ways. I can't tell you how dangerous it is to always be on the safe side. ”

Jeff Glickman NPR2015-01-16T12:09:00.000Z

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“ Its interesting that people don't venture to "seedy" parts of town because they fear them. However, if you've ever lived in one of these parts of town you realize that it isn't normally nearly as bad as the reputation.

I know people who won't even drive to these places merely because they feel they will get accosted by some sort of criminal. People live in fear. Life isn't normally that dangerous. ”

Plebus NPR2015-01-16T15:04:00.000Z

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“ You need the expansion: the affirmation therapy game. ”

PurpleWizard NPR2015-01-16T14:40:00.000Z


This segment of the show explores how a man decided to conquer his fear of rejection by getting rejected every day — on purpose.

The evolution of Jason Comely, a freelance IT guy from Cambridge, Ontario, began one sad night several years ago.

"That Friday evening that I was in my one-bedroom apartment trying to be busy," Comely says. "But really, I knew that I was avoiding things."

See, nine months earlier, Jason's wife had left him.

"She ... found someone that was taller than I was — had more money than I had. ... So, yeah."

And since then, Jason had really withdrawn from life. He didn't go out, and he avoided talking to people, especially women.



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“ I'll just stick to drinking out of free-range organic puddles. ”

Ben RM NPR2015-02-16T14:23:00.000Z

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“ I would be careful of ceramics, especially if made in China. They have proven over and over that they don't care about poisoning us. Many glazes have lead in them. ”

William Brock NPR2015-02-16T14:09:00.000Z

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“ We just use glass and ceramic stuff to the extent possible. I didnt used to think about it, but when you have a baby you become a little extra careful about stuff like plastics, and especially lead. Lead contamination in even tiny amounts affects brain development. BPA is far less certain of a toxin than is lead, but still worth avoiding in my opinion. ”

JohnWa NPR2015-02-16T11:55:00.000Z


Eastman Chemical went a step beyond calling Tritan plastic BPA-free, setting off a legal challenge.

BPA-free isn't good enough anymore if you're trying to sell plastic sippy cups, water bottles and food containers.

The new standard may be "EA-free," which means free of not only BPA, short for bisphenol A, but also free of other chemicals that mimic the hormone estrogen.

At least that's the suggestion of a recent legal battle between a chemical company and an academic scientist with business interests in the plastics industry. The proceedings offer a glimpse of the struggle for the hearts and minds of consumers concerned about the safety of plastics.



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“ He misunderstands privilege pretty massively in his first post though.

There was something I was taught while taking a political theory class. The first thing you need to do when attacking a problem is ask if it is systemic or individual. A failure at this stage leads to bad theory and bad policy. He, without a doubt, erred on that question. He took an individual issue, wrapped up in his own experiences, insecurities, and misunderstandings, and tried to turn it into a systemic issue. Whatever the honesty of his position, and I respect him for that, his logic is still fundamentally wrong.

There was an excellent response to his article by another male "nerd" I'm trying to find currently. But as someone who fit the definition myself, though I don't work in any tech field, I can explicitly say blaming feminism or women is wrong.

I also question this attempt to suggest "nerds" do not have privilege. Being considered a "nerd" did not erase the fact that I'm white, or male. Just like being a poor "redneck" doesn't erase white privilege, even if you have no class privilege. Privilege, in the pure sense, is a complex system of interconnected and sometimes contradictory social views of an individual based on a given label or quality. You can have both positive ones (white, male) and negative ones ("nerd" or non-normative in other ways). The negative one does not erase the positive, and in this case I'd be very hesitant to suggest it is of equal force.

Especially since the view of "nerds" as effeminate and unmasculine is not due to feminism, but due to the same gender norms feminists try to move past. ”

BradanFeasa THE ATLANTIC2015-01-23T20:27:00.000Z

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“ See, I asked whether nerds suffered "real"and "measurable" bigotry because it is the standard you offered–but now you want to shift so that only "equivalent" bigotry counts. Why should one sort of bigotry need to be "equivalent" to another kind to make discussing it legitimate? As for nerds having "entire sites and shows that pander to their tastes," that is also true of most every group–certainly women, gays, and African Americans–that you consider as having cleared some vague threshold that nerds haven't. Can you really suggest that there isn't representation and voices for women on television? ”

Conor_Friedersdorf THE ATLANTIC2015-01-23T22:50:00.000Z

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“ When transgender individuals explain the harrows of feeling like a man in a woman's body, or vice versa, are you similarly inclined to label their experience as "rooted in internal feelings" as if that automatically makes it irrelevant? Yes, there is a difference between external discrimination and internal feelings–but how is that difference relevant here? ”

Conor_Friedersdorf THE ATLANTIC2015-01-23T21:21:00.000Z

THE ATLANTIC2015-01-29T06:17:28.000Z

The comment that begat this small Internet miracle wasn't perfect. Neither were the responses to it–as ever online, some needless cruelty and lack of charity followed.

But Aaronson and his interlocutors did transform an obscure, not-particularly-edifying debate into a broad, widely read conversation that encompassed more earnest, productive, revelatory perspectives than I'd have thought possible. The conversation has already captivated a corner of the Internet, but deserves wider attention, both as a model of public discourse and a window into the human experience. It began with the most personal thing that the professor had ever publicly shared.



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“ Not doing it to a innocent person ”

truth seeker NPR2015-02-26T13:05:00.000Z

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“ ........ and the difference between you and him is? ”

klaatu_barada_nikto NPR2015-02-26T13:03:00.000Z

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“ This one they need to take alive. ”

AlterJoe NPR2015-02-26T12:08:00.000Z


The man who has been recorded in videos threatening and killing several Western hostages in the name of the self-proclaimed Islamic State is Mohammed Emwazi. He is from London and is a British citizen of Kuwaiti descent.

British security services have been aware of the identity of the militant many have dubbed "Jihadi John," the BBC says, adding that "they chose not to disclose his name earlier for operational reasons."

Emwazi's name was reported by The Washington Post early Thursday, citing interviews with his friends and associates. The newspaper says he is "from a well-to-do family ... and graduated from college with a degree in computer programming."



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“ Military grade hardware belongs in military combat formations NOT civilian police forces, its really that simple.

Swat forces should be reserved for true emergencies and should be spending the rest of the time drilling. Crap when I was in the Army we had tighter rules of engagement then our police forces seem to have. ”

Swiftright Right THE ATLANTIC2015-01-12T17:27:00.000Z

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It's actually true that the officers did nothing wrong -- that is, they did exactly what they were trained to do, and exactly what their superiors expected them to do. That's the most outrageous part of it.

Police brutality has become not the acts of a few bad cops, and not the result of poor training, and not limited to a few police departments. Police brutality is now a policy in America. ”

RobertSF THE ATLANTIC2015-01-12T17:40:00.000Z

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“ WTF is 'success'? As long as you don't know that answer, as long as you don't know the pain of suffering from that type of device, its sheer ignorance to say 'injuries happen' ”

potomacflier THE ATLANTIC2015-01-12T16:48:00.000Z

THE ATLANTIC2015-01-17T20:10:20.000Z


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“ "This is a form of intellectual tail chasing." No it's not. Please stop.

Just because black and brown people aren't hosed down in the streets, chased by dogs, and beaten to near death by police because they sit in the designated "Whites Only" space, doesn't mean that racism or racial prejudice is gone. Likewise just because we cry foul at every insensitive racial joke or comment (i.e. Sean Penn's green card joke at the Oscars), doesn't mean that it has gone away. It's more dangerous now than ever because what used to be outward signs of hate and injustice is now cloaked in secrecy.

It takes blacks longer to find employment, this is controlling for qualifications. Blacks are jailed in higher rates than whites despite being a smaller segment of the population. Blacks have been shaken down more. Black men are more likely to be viewed as more dangerous. The list goes on.

Black children are given the "talk." What to do when you are stopped by the police. The standards---that you can't be just "as good" or mediocre as "Suzy Q". You have to be better than her in order to be recognized as just "good", to be hired, or be put on the volleyball team.

These studies NEED to be continued. They're illuminating. Do a Google search. ”

The Samurai THE ATLANTIC2015-02-26T14:31:00.000Z

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“ Wow, you're really dumb and not believable at all. ”

badphairy THE ATLANTIC2015-02-26T15:25:00.000Z

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“ 'I worked for a bank and we have less then 1 percent white employees.'

Sorry, I find that impossible to believe. ”

The Celestial Teapot THE ATLANTIC2015-02-26T15:25:00.000Z

THE ATLANTIC2015-02-27T07:25:35.000Z

Data alone can’t solve deep-seated social ills or mediate heated arguments, but it does have a habit of pulling conversations away from foggy abstraction and ad hominem accusations. That’s why studies showing that employers prefer to hire candidates with caucasian-sounding names over those with black-sounding ones and that the racial composition of juries affects trial outcomes are so powerful. And it’s why “Still Not Allowed on the Bus,” a working paper published late last year by two researchers based in Australia, is a meaningful contribution to a body of evidence indicating that racial discrimination is real, concrete, and pervasive.



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“ A government-licensed license plate is not private free speech. Good work SCOTUS. ”

Ccgasp NPR2015-06-18T15:43:00.000Z

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“ And even THAT was 5-4. ”

CharlieHebdo NPR2015-06-18T15:44:00.000Z

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“ "...that symbol of treason..."

AND racism. In fact, they committed treason to enshrine racism. ”

CharlieHebdo NPR2015-06-18T17:06:00.000Z


In a 5-4 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the state of Texas was legally justified in refusing to issue a proposed specialty license plate for members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

The court ruled in Walker v. Texas Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Inc. that the license plate design constitutes government speech and therefore Texas is entitled to choose which messages it approves. Texas had rejected the proposed plate, which includes a Confederate battle flag, arguing that it was offensive to a "significant portion" of the public.



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“ presenteeism, in which employees come into the office purely to be physically present ========= Boy, I know that term well! One way to make happier, more engaged employees is to PAY THEM! Its not the only solution, but middle class wages have criminally stagnated since the Reagan administration and the income gap has grown to dangerous proportions. Pay workers enough to justify the effort to care and it will go a long ways toward engaging them in the business. ”

Boredinmin THE ATLANTIC2015-06-06T14:59:00.000Z

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“ Someone hasn't taken their Happy Pill today! We're having a Walkathon this afternoon on the quad outside Finance. It benefits the Blind Orphan Puppy Shelter. Why not join us? You'll get a free t-shirt and stress ball, you'll be helping Blind Orphan Puppies, and you'll get 5,000 Team Player bonus points on your permanent record! ”

LittleWillie THE ATLANTIC2015-06-06T16:39:00.000Z

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“ Oh, and obviously the answer is to hire a "chief happiness officer" from among the meritocracy at a high salary, to hand company money to other meritocrats for their books and seminars and TED talks, instead of just paying workers more. ”

Harvey Marx THE ATLANTIC2015-06-06T15:25:00.000Z

THE ATLANTIC2015-06-10T04:23:21.000Z

Companies are more focused than ever on employee well-being. It might increase productivity, but what does the commercialization of feelings do to people?

The end of capitalism has often been imagined as a crisis of epic proportions. Perhaps a financial crisis will occur that is so vast not even government finances can rescue the system. Maybe the rising anger of exploited individuals will gradually congeal into a political movement, leading to revolution. Might some single ecological disaster bring the system to a halt? Most optimistically, capitalism might be so innovative that it will eventually produce its own superior successor, through technological invention.



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“ I didn't feel like seeing this film, but since MRAs are up in arms and trying to stage a boycott, I am DEFINITELY watching this. ”

Chron Thompson NPR2015-05-15T15:02:00.000Z

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“ I want to see this movie now more than I did before. ”

Justa Visitor NPR2015-05-15T13:16:00.000Z

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“ Yes, and it is HILARIOUS. ”

Chron Thompson NPR2015-05-15T15:05:00.000Z


This weekend, moviegoers will return to a legendary fictional landscape, ravaged by war and desperate for water. Mad Max: Fury Road reunites the Road Warrior with original writer and director George Miller. And this time, Max is joined by some very powerful women.



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“ I didn't feel like seeing this film, but since MRAs are up in arms and trying to stage a boycott, I am DEFINITELY watching this. ”

Chron Thompson NPR2015-05-15T15:02:00.000Z

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“ I want to see this movie now more than I did before. ”

Justa Visitor NPR2015-05-15T13:16:00.000Z

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“ Yes, and it is HILARIOUS. ”

Chron Thompson NPR2015-05-15T15:05:00.000Z


This weekend, moviegoers will return to a legendary fictional landscape, ravaged by war and desperate for water. Mad Max: Fury Road reunites the Road Warrior with original writer and director George Miller. And this time, Max is joined by some very powerful women.



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“ Forgiveness is for us, the survivors, the families, the friends.

It is for us to process and understand, in ourselves, what we want to do with the pain and wounding done to us. It cannot be forced and should not be demanded. We may never forgive because we may never be able to forgive.

A victim who is killed cannot forgive, and the state must speak for them.

The perpetrator of the crime or the attack is not absolved of their responsibility for their actions, and the state must hold them accountable.

I might forgive the murderer of my family, but the murderer of my family must still be held accountable in a court of law for his acts.

We don't have to kill people to show that killing is wrong -- and I don't support the death penalty.

I do support the equal treatment under the law of the accused. The accused here should be granted a fair trial and face the consequences of his acts, whether or not he is forgiven by every single survivor of his victims. ”

stephen matlock THE ATLANTIC2015-06-20T23:08:00.000Z

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“ These murders happened in a holy place. In forgiving Mr. Roof, it is my belief that the families of the victims are upholding one of the most important tenants of their faith: "Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Through him we have also obtained access by faith into this grace in which we stand, and we rejoice in hope of the glory of God. Not only that, but we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame, because God's love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us. For while we were still weak, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly. For one will scarcely die for a righteous person—though perhaps for a good person one would dare even to die—but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us."

The simple act of forgiveness here demonstrates a greater Christianity, indeed a greater love, than most of us possess. Personally, I am humbled by their example, and hope that they can receive an equal measure of comfort and support in their time of trial, as they have already poured out more than a full draught of compassion. Of course, as you say, forgiveness does not mean release from judgement, but I must say: the weight of the example of these families is a testament to a simple but profound faith. I am amazed and can only marvel at the strength that these folks possess. Truly. ”

Sorn THE ATLANTIC2015-06-20T23:34:00.000Z

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“ The differences between you and the ideas contained in Roof's "Manifesto" are virtually indistinguishable. ”

Sandy Young (Corkingiron) THE ATLANTIC2015-06-21T00:36:00.000Z

THE ATLANTIC2015-06-21T23:45:15.000Z

The compassion expressed by relatives of the victims of those killed in Charleston was a stark contrast to the hateful diatribe that surfaced on Saturday, attributed to the suspected killer.



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“ To be fair, it doesn't take much to "devastate" an Englishman. ”

improvius THE ATLANTIC2015-01-27T18:41:00.000Z

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“ Is "colored people " all that different from " people of color "? His apology is over the top, however sincere it is. "Devastated" - really? ”

Edward Olson THE ATLANTIC2015-01-27T18:16:00.000Z

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“ Oh my God, do people not realize how ridiculous this distinction is?

So in adjective form, deeply offensive and hurtful. In prepositional object form, respectful and reverential.

Got it. ”

Wade THE ATLANTIC2015-01-28T00:15:00.000Z

THE ATLANTIC2015-01-29T06:13:52.000Z

But an apology can, at least, make a strong case that someone really is sorry. By signaling awareness of why what they did was wrong, of how it might have affected people, and how they will do better in the future, apologizers don’t quite erase their errors but do demonstrate that they see them as errors. Cumberbatch basically did all of those things in his statement:



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“ There is one national flag - the Stars and Stripes.

The flag of the CSA - in any form - is not a national flag and is not a state flag. The current CBF flying from the pole on SC state capitol grounds never flew over the state of South Carolina. It is a-historical for its time and place.

Give that it's a false use of a flag, and given that it is promoted precisely because it stands for white supremacy and white racism and a failed attempt to divide the Union into Free and Slave, it should be taken down.

It's a daily affront to citizens of South Carolina, especially to any African American, as it stands for the message of "If we can have our way, you'll be enslaved again."

Take it down. ”

stephen matlock THE ATLANTIC2015-06-21T14:41:00.000Z

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“ Can you imagine if New York City Hall was flying a swastika next to the American flag? That's essentially what we're talking about here. Nearly ten percent of the population of the NY metro is Jewish. The outcry would be enormous and the action to remove it would be swift.

But guess what? Nearly THIRTY percent of the population of South Carolina is black. And we still allow the Confederate flag--a symbol of racist hatred--to fly over the state capitol? Abominable. ”

SAlfin THE ATLANTIC2015-06-21T14:42:00.000Z

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“ "Our new government is founded upon exactly the opposite idea; its foundations are laid, its corner- stone rests upon the great truth, that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery — subordination to the superior race — is his natural and normal condition. [Applause.] This, our new government, is the first, in the history of the world, based upon this great physical, philosophical, and moral truth. This truth has been slow in the process of its development, like all other truths in the various departments of science. It has been so even amongst us. Many who hear me, perhaps, can recollect well, that this truth was not generally admitted, even within their day. The errors of the past generation still clung to many as late as twenty years ago. Those at the North, who still cling to these errors, with a zeal above knowledge, we justly denominate fanatics. All fanaticism springs from an aberration of the mind — from a defect in reasoning. It is a species of insanity. One of the most striking characteristics of insanity, in many instances, is forming correct conclusions from fancied or erroneous premises; so with the anti-slavery fanatics; their conclusions are right if their premises were. They assume that the negro is equal, and hence conclude that he is entitled to equal privileges and rights with the white man. If their premises were correct, their conclusions would be logical and just — but their premise being wrong, their whole argument fails. I recollect once of having heard a gentleman from one of the northern States, of great power and ability, announce in the House of Representatives, with imposing effect, that we of the South would be compelled, ultimately, to yield upon this subject of slavery, that it was as impossible to war successfully against a principle in politics, as it was in physics or mechanics. That the principle would ultimately prevail. That we, in maintaining slavery as it exists with us, were warring against a principle, a principle founded in nature, the principle of the equality of men. The reply I made to him was, that upon his own grounds, we should, ultimately, succeed, and that he and his associates, in this crusade against our institutions, would ultimately fail. The truth announced, that it was as impossible to war successfully against a principle in politics as it was in physics and mechanics, I admitted; but told him that it was he, and those acting with him, who were warring against a principle. They were attempting to make things equal which the Creator had made unequal."

CSA VP Alexander Stevens ”

TomLuTon THE ATLANTIC2015-06-21T16:24:00.000Z

THE ATLANTIC2015-06-21T23:43:12.000Z

After 150 years, there may finally be enough support in South Carolina to consign the Confederate banner to the past.

On Saturday, Charleston shooter Dylann Roof was linked to a website with a rambling manifesto of hate, illustrated with dozens of pictures. Several showed him posing with a Confederate battle flag.

The flags of the United States and of South Carolina, atop the Capitol dome in Columbia, were lowered to half-staff last week in the wake of the Charleston shootings. The Confederate battle flag flying on the Capitol grounds was not.



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“ Pro-life Republicans should be flooding Congress with bills providing free prenatal care, parental counseling courses, birthing classes, child care tax credits, etc. "Pro-life" means more than just opposing abortions and contraception, right?

::crickets chirping::: ”

A R NPR2015-02-18T16:22:00.000Z

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“ Why not allow people to buy coverage when they discover they have cancer or heart disease or after they fall off a cliff so they don't "get stuck paying thousands of dollars." Geez. I would love to be able to buy a car insurance policy AFTER I have an accident but it doesnt work that way. ”

Cyndi S NPR2015-02-18T15:10:00.000Z

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“ Wouldn't it be cheaper from an insurance point of view to pay for the prenatal care anyway? Unhealthy babies with birth defects are incredibly expensive. ”

Heather R NPR2015-02-18T16:18:00.000Z


Under the Affordable Care Act, pregnancy isn't considered a "qualifying event" that justifies enrollment at any time.

The Obama administration often touts the health benefits women have gained under the Affordable Care Act, including the option to sign up for coverage outside of open enrollment periods if they're "having a baby."

But advocates complain that the special insurance enrollment period begins only after a birth. As a result, uninsured women who learn they are pregnant outside of the regular three-month open enrollment period, which this year ended Sunday, can get stuck paying thousands of dollars for prenatal care and delivery — or worse, going without care.



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“ You don't get it. Nobody cares if a terrorist in custody suffers. What we DO care about is causing the suffering. NOT because the terrorist' personal feelings matter, but because we're hurting our OWN values and our OWN humanity by sinking to that level.

If ALL that mattered was our compassion for the pain and suffering of a terrorist, torture might be tolerable. Might. It would depend on circumstances. It isn't because I have any compassion for a terrorist, but because I have a LOT of compassion for our own people, and how our culture places value on things. Torture places VALUE on uncivilized behavior.

To our linear thinkers, that IS all that matters. They want revenge to be taken, and that can never be enough to suit them.

Hate fosters hate. Abuse fosters abuse. By indulging our visceral anger on these terrorists, we are saying to the world that it's all right for US to do it, because the terrorist's people did. We're saying "our hate is more important than your hate."

Our anger is fully understandable. But even with our anger, there are standards of civilization that should govern how we treat terrorist prisoners. Not torturing them SAYS something about US to the rest of the world. It says we refuse to sink to the terrorists' levels of bestiality. It also says we can BEAT them, without having to do that.

By giving in to our own hate and anger, we are VALIDATING the abuses done by the prisoner. ”

H. B. CNN2014-12-26T22:00:00.000Z

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“ " "If you know where we are please bomb us," said the crying woman, who was living in a brothel. "There is no life after this. I'm going to kill myself anyway -- others have killed themselves this morning. I've been raped 30 times and it's not even lunchtime. I can't go to the toilet. Please bomb us." "

Funny thing is....... Many 'Righteous' organizations in the west and nations (like the bully in the east. Through their 'agenda-driven' propaganda media) would still Shamelessly advocate for the FAIR and HUMANE treatment of the human 'filth' responsible for such atrocities. Why should anyone who denies the most basic of human rights to others, be automatically entitled to those same right? US, don't close GI.T.MO. Even the Eastern hypocrites, Russia and China, have their own equivalents. (Its just better hidden). Make these violators of humanity, suffer for each and every year, they have taken from their victims. ”

SenseforU CNN2014-12-26T18:35:00.000Z

41 ▲    

“ We should dress dead terrorists in women's underwear, wrap them in bacon and then send their pics to their family and friends. Simple. ”

IMHem CNN2014-12-26T16:15:00.000Z


The logic, for them, is simple. Empowered women would never accept the brutal ideology espoused by terrorist leaders as the rule of their land.

Educated women and girls would fundamentally challenge the power structure of organizations like ISIS. Therefore, if you carry out the argument, they must be suppressed and enslaved.

"There is no doubt that targeting of women is the core element -- not a byproduct -- of the ideologies espoused by these groups," Sanam Naraghi-Anderlini, co-founder of the International Civil Society Action Network, told us.