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It's actually true that the officers did nothing wrong -- that is, they did exactly what they were trained to do, and exactly what their superiors expected them to do. That's the most outrageous part of it.

Police brutality has become not the acts of a few bad cops, and not the result of poor training, and not limited to a few police departments. Police brutality is now a policy in America. ”

RobertSF THE ATLANTICMonday, January 12, 2015 12:40 PM

THE ATLANTIC2015-01-17T20:10:20.000Z

Jason Ward and his high-school sweetheart Treneshia Dukes were asleep, naked, in the apartment when an explosion went off and their bedroom window shattered. Ward leapt up toward the broken glass. Dukes started running. In the dark, she crashed into a closet door before stumbling into the bathroom and balling up in the tub. “I just started crying and I’m praying like, ‘I’m not going to die like this, this is not how I want to die,’” she later testified.  Seconds later, a man wearing a mask stormed the bathroom and held a gun to her face, instructing her to lie on the floor. “If you move I’m going to blow your fucking brains out,’” Dukes recalled him saying. It was then she noticed skin hanging off her arm and blistering patches of pink flesh on her brown legs.

The masked man noticed her skin, too. He told Dukes to sit up and signaled to a man in plainclothes to inspect her. “The guy came in there,” recalled Dukes, just starting to realize she was dealing with the police, not armed assailants, “and he looked at me and he looked back at the other guy and was like, ‘Y’all done fucked up.’”