“ Shhhh... You're wrecking the 'narrative'. ”


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“ Shhhh... You're wrecking the 'narrative'. ”

mt noiseTHE ATLANTICTuesday, June 9, 2015 7:41 AM

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“ Handed down from The Cathedral ”

quist THE ATLANTICTuesday, June 9, 2015 9:37 AM

THE ATLANTIC2015-06-10T04:24:03.000Z

The McKinney I grew up in was a conservative southern town. After this weekend’s events, I wonder, can its culture keep up with its growth?

When I was in high school in McKinney, Texas, I won a “student of the month” award along with several other students. I went to a public high school, but the award was overseen by the local Rotary Club. The award ceremony was a typical luncheon: baked chicken, big round tables with the boys and girls of the month fidgeting and hoping their parents wouldn't say anything embarrassing.

The only unusual thing about it was that, although no one had stated their religious affiliation, the ceremony opened with a Christian prayer. Better yet, the aim of the prayer was for God to grant George W. Bush a second term of his presidency.

At the time, this was not that surprising. McKinney was, and in some ways still is, a small, conservative southern town—the kind of place where people don't always stop to consider whether everyone else in the room agrees with them.