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“ What a wonderful article to get us thinking in new ways. I can't tell you how dangerous it is to always be on the safe side. ”

Jeff Glickman NPR2015-01-16T12:09:00.000Z

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“ Its interesting that people don't venture to "seedy" parts of town because they fear them. However, if you've ever lived in one of these parts of town you realize that it isn't normally nearly as bad as the reputation.

I know people who won't even drive to these places merely because they feel they will get accosted by some sort of criminal. People live in fear. Life isn't normally that dangerous. ”

Plebus NPR2015-01-16T15:04:00.000Z

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“ You need the expansion: the affirmation therapy game. ”

PurpleWizard NPR2015-01-16T14:40:00.000Z


This segment of the show explores how a man decided to conquer his fear of rejection by getting rejected every day — on purpose.

The evolution of Jason Comely, a freelance IT guy from Cambridge, Ontario, began one sad night several years ago.

"That Friday evening that I was in my one-bedroom apartment trying to be busy," Comely says. "But really, I knew that I was avoiding things."

See, nine months earlier, Jason's wife had left him.

"She ... found someone that was taller than I was — had more money than I had. ... So, yeah."

And since then, Jason had really withdrawn from life. He didn't go out, and he avoided talking to people, especially women.

But that Friday, he realized that this approach was taking a toll.

"I asked myself, afraid of what? I thought, I'm afraid of rejection."

- Jason Comely

"I had nowhere to go, and no one to hang out with," Comely says. "And so I just broke down and started crying." He realized that he was afraid. "I asked myself, afraid of what?

"I thought, I'm afraid of rejection."

Which got him thinking about the Spetsnaz, an elite Russian military unit with a really intense training regime.